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New to Richmond: need pediatrician recommendations

Hey everyone,
My fiance and I just relocated to Richmond. We live on the south side, near Huguenot & Robious roads, and are looking for pediatrician recommendations.
Our son is 6 months old, and our last pediatrician was very open, honest, and helpful when it came to vax related concerns, so we are looking for someone similar.
We are not anti-vax per se, nor are we just strictly by the cdc schedule either. We're concerned with what goes into his body, and want to be able to monitor reactions, space them out when possible, or eliminate any that may not be very necessary so young (i.e. HepB)

Basically just looking for a personable, knowledgeable, open minded pedi that is good at communicating with his/her patients. Preferably one that stays up on the latest research in regards to kids.

Thanks for looking,
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