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Originally Posted by RainbowLullaby

Do you currently have any inserts with Microfibre? What is the make up of these ones? I'd be curious to see if they are polyester and polyamide or something different.
I currently have hundreds of inserts with microfiber. Flip inserts which do the right thing and cover with suedecloth. Thirsties inserts which also do the right thing and cover with fleece. Additionally I have FB, HH, RMD, BG, Kawaii, Sunbaby, WAHM and trifold inserts. All meant to be used IN a pocket and not against baby's skin.

I have seen, felt, played with one of the diapers in person. I answered a Craigslist ad once for FB and the momma tried to pawn TL off on me as well. They look, feel and function just like every other piece of microfiber I have ever seen. The lady was destashing her diapers because her baby "always had diaper rash" and you have another mom on this thread who used them and said they gave her daughter a horrible rash. Quoting her below:

Originally Posted by chapmanrl6
I tried Trend lab diapers by purchasing them through Amazon with the coupons I had. I found the diapers to be well made, but I agree microfiber is not meant to be placed directly against your baby's skin. It seriously dries out their skin and caused an awful rash on my DD's skin. I had to place another insert (cotton) over the mf insert in order to use this diaper. This is one of the reasons I have always preferred pockets or AIO where the fabric next to my child is microfleece, diaper flannel or cotton.
Microfiber is microfiber. The highly absorbent and magical wicking properties that make it great as an insert also make it terrible against the skin. You can put perfume on the pig anyway you want but based on the diapers that I have personally handled, microfiber is still microfiber.

What is so sad about the whole thing is that it is a simple fix but the company's resistance to take feed back from both current and prospective customers leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

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