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Originally Posted by peanut_munchkin
Oh! and a tip! Pumping does suck, and one of the anxieties I faced about it was the constant "am I getting enough?" I started pumping with my second when my milk came in. Normally folks tell you not to pump and let yourself regulate, or pump just enough to relieve the pressure. I just pumped and pumped and pumped instead. I ended up producing 30oz more than he needed each day! It was insane, but it was nice because within 2 weeks we had over 100oz stored in the freezer for a 'rainy day', and I had some awesome looking boobs But in all seriousness, it took some of the pressure off of me and lifted my anxieties.

I sincerely hope this is a better experience for you. If you can muster the courage to talk to someone, preferably before the baby is born I encourage it. I had some PPD with my first and would find myself feeling mildly resentful towards this totally beautiful child every time she cried to be fed. You're right -- its a horrible feeling at the end of the day and I can't imagine what it is like for you if it was that bad for me. Pumping was a bit more freeing for me because I could do other things (hands free bra!), and I could have some "me" time... kind of.

I hope and pray this is a much better and more peaceful experience for you
Thank you so much
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