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Re: Feeling uhhhh weird i guess LOL

I also got to the same church, and agree 100% with Brandi. I have also felt the samme as you. My oldest was born when I was 17. Sometimes when people find out how old I am they treat me differently for a while. I just show them with my actions that I am not like some teenmoms. I am a responsible parent.

As for the way others treat you after losing Brock, I honestly would have no idea what to say IRL either. I am very shy by nature and would hate to offend if I said something wrong.

Originally Posted by bbjbryner
Hi Melissa-

I go to the same church as you and I feel so bad that you had this experience. It's always one or two people that make you feel unwelcome or whatever and it stinks. I'm pretty sure there's always going to be few people like that. But I bet there are a ton of people who support you and care about you and just don't know what to say! I visit teach a sister in our ward who had placental abruption at 29 weeks back in April. She had an emergency C-section and her baby boy lived for 20 minutes. I can hardly bare to talk to her. Because she did something wrong? Um no, because I want to cry every time I talk to her or see her. It's so hard to know what to say.

There is NO excuse for what that lady said to you but I'm guessing the reason that other people aren't reaching out to you is because they have no idea what to do or say. That's not a good excuse but it's exactly how I feel. Maybe you could help me to reach out to the sister I know. I would hate it if she felt unwelcome at church because I didn't even reach out to her at all.

Go talk to your bishop and tell him how you feel!
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