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Re: allergic reaction, need help!

If she is really itchy and miserable.. a trip to the peds office might be in order. They can also verify what is going on with her. When I was little.. I too would get those type of rashes when I ate strawberries, tomatoes, and chocolate! Luckily I did outgrow it, but what I have learned recently about things that happen.. it is very important imo to be "safe than sorry". True food allergies can cause death as we have to carry an epi pen jr. around with us for ds. It could also be something her skin was touching.. I did that a lot as a child and still have those types of reactions for my allergies. Most aren't serious.. just annoying. If it were me, I would just take her in for a quick check and maybe they can give her some meds for itching. Calamine {Sp?} lotion works wonders too!

Please let us know how it goes!
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