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Re: Ethical question about Ameda

If it weren't for my Ameda Elite rental my son would have been formula fed for the past 8 months. Instead he has been fed nothing but fresh (never frozen or refridgerated) breast milk AND I've been able to build up a sizeable freezer stash which will likely end up donated or trashed. If I have to choose between principle (the plastibell thing doesn't bother me, although the issues with Medela's pumps do) and formula, I'm violating my principles.

13 years ago I had a preemie who was unable to BF and I was unable to maintain my milk supply. The Nestle boycott was huge, yet I fed my daughter Carnation Good Start anyway as it was the only milk based formula she could digest and lactose is important for brain development. I chose my child's dietary needs over my objections to Nestle's formula practices in other countries.
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