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Re: allergic reaction, need help!

Well she's almost 7(next month) and she's definitely had TONS of strawberries before(even 2 weeks ago) so I don't think it's a strawberry reaction. And she had life cereal and milk for breakfast and grapes on the way so i dont' think any of those are the cause. It's gotta be the strawberry picking. My thought was pesticides because they aren't organic and she's had strawberries before. I'm going to keep a watch on her and if she gets any worse I'll take her to the ER. Her pedi is 40 minutes away and Hasbro Children's Hospital is only 15. She doesn't seem to be getting worse or better at this point and it's a hour since she started reacting. I'm just nervous because this doesnt' happen often to her. She's more of a behavioral reaction type of kid.
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