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I raised my first born on goats milk...way before I knew anything about milksharing. It was a better alternative to formula & the high calcium content and digestibility kept her reflux in check. Whole goats milk will intact damage an infants kidneys if that is all she is getting. You can supplement with some whole goats milk - but 75% of it has to be breast milk. Otherwise it has to be diluted & calories replaced with a carbohydrate syrup. Then you take away some nutients. It's not a complete milk, unfortunately. I supplement my 5mo with a very small amount of whole raw goats milk but I mix it with breast milk. No constipation, dry skin or kidney load. My first born used to actually have a dry patch over each kidney on her back :-( it's so high in protein.

My second is on donated milk and we got the bulk of the milk from creating a blog about my baby's need & posting it everywhere (even on craigslist) and I highly recommend milkshare, craigslist and hm4hb on Facebook. Hope you can find milk for that sweet baby.
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