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Re: Moving to Anchorage!


I live in the Valley. TBH, $19 would be pretty tough in Anchorage, but do-able. I'm sure you could find a cheap apartment but there's a lot of ghetto places out there, and mid-summer is not a good time to be moving. We are moving too, and decently priced places are snatched up within hours of them being posted. Craigslist has a tons of apartments though, so hopefully you can find something that way. Stay away from Mountain View!!! Anchorage is a weird town; there are pockets of nice places interspersed with not so good places. Downtown around the mall is kinda iffy...Mountain View isn't too far away and there are some sketchy places but there are nice places thrown in too.We had a nice duplex in a nice part of town and we had drunk homeless people yelling outside our house on multiple occasions. We moved out of town for that reason, and into the Valley. We LOVE it here. It's cheaper, quieter, nicer places, friendly small town atmosphere, etc. The commute into Anchorage is 35-45 minutes, depending on the traffic. DH did that every day for school until recently and it was fine.
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