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Originally Posted by savvytrav
Oh, how lucky of you!!! I'm a single mom also, and want to move back up there so badly, mind if I join y'all?? kidding (mostly).
When I lived there I was a full time, live-in nanny, so I didn't have to worry about housing or cars, but I did get to know the area a bit.
Places around Forest Park dr and Northern Lights Blvd (north of n. lights, NOT south) are pretty decent, mostly houses...but some condos and 'mother-in-law' sort of places.
A few areas of downtown are nice; your best bet is probably go around a bit and see what looks appealing to you
In my honest opinion, living in alaska is TOTALLY worth being frugal/barely making it financially.
Plus, who knows, maybe you'll find a rich, buff mountain man! haha. As the saying goes: 'the odds are good, but the goods are odd'!!!

Lol come join us!! If you don't mind me asking, why did you leave ak?

I would Love to find a mil-type place. We don't need a lot of space but I don't really like apartments

And lol to 'the odds are good, but the goods are odd', I'm in Northern California right now so this definitely applies here too!! But rich, buff, mountain man is my ideal! If only they were easy to come by!!

I am really excited to go to the fair, I've heard such great things!!! And I know Perri will adore it
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