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Re: What do you eat? Where do you get it? Grocery budget is killing me!

Theres 4 of us, me DH and 8yo that eats like a man and my DD who lives off mostly fruit and yogurt. Im planning on heading to that WM to check it out. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. Im really spending 150-200 per week. I think my problem is the veggies, fruits and meats. I dont buy anything unless its on sale and I have no issues buying marked down meats and throwing it in the freezer. Ive discovered the Loves bread outlet which still isnt that thrilling but waaaay better than grocery store prices if I dont need the costco size whatever. I do the bulk of my shopping at costco and fill in at Times in early morning when they do their markdowns(I have to drive by it anyway) or whoever has what I want on sale. Ive been doing the safeway pricematch every week but not everything is included in that. We try to do fish once a week at least.

Checked out the Kokua Co-op on king st it seemed pretty pricy on produce still. I was happy about the bulk bins and spices I love spice bins! and the pb grinder.

Today I ran into times and grabbed some 2/$1 water chestnuts to put up for later use, grapes, nectarines, papayas, bagged salad, juice and milk everything but the milk was on good sale and I still spent $27. On tuesday when the sale ads come if I dont like the fruit on ad for the next week I'll go grab some more of this weeks sale stuff

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