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Originally Posted by an_aurora

FWIW, "rush hour" here is lots of cars, but all going 65. The only times there is ever stop-and-go is if there's a crash, or heavy snow/ice, or moose. But yeah it's a long drive. I started really hating the commute I totaled my car on the way home from work and started having panic attacks from the drive. But DH did it 5 days a week for 2.5 years and didn't mind it.

I would love to answer questions It will be beautiful when you get up here!
What!? People actually go the speed limit? That never happens in California, they're always going 20 over or 20 under. I like commutes but depending on where I end up finding daycare I don't know how my lo would handle it. She doesn't really like car seats lol. We're working on that.

I am counting down, I can't wait to actually be there!

Random question: I'm gonna be buying a car up there at some point, but initially I'm going to need to rent a car. What's the cheapest way to do so? Everything I've looked at is CRAZY expensive for just a few days. I've always gotten car rentals for between $25 and $45 per day, and all I've found is about $150. Gah!! Suggestions?
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