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Re: School lunch questions and fish free pitfalls?

Originally Posted by Hands&Fire Pottery View Post
Worchestershire sauce has fish- anchovies.
I've been buying vegetarian worcestershire here for years. Most store brands are anchovy-free, lee & perrins for sure has anchovies. Just read the label. IDK if you have Kroger, but their store brand is anchovy free.

Great lunch ideas so far!
My kids love the homemade lunchables.

Hard boiled eggs, or egg salad might be a good addition, as well as pretty much any bean (my kids love plain black beans or garbanzos).
Bean and cheese quesadillas (or if you can sneak in some shredded chicken)
Cream cheese and jelly on bread, roll, english muffin, bagel, tortilla roll-up, etc.
My kids LOVE veggie burger patties
Veggie kabobs and fruit kabobs with fun dips (and you can hide purees in them)
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