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Re: allergic reaction, need help!

Originally Posted by faerybugmady View Post
Well she's almost 7(next month) and she's definitely had TONS of strawberries before(even 2 weeks ago) so I don't think it's a strawberry reaction. And she had life cereal and milk for breakfast and grapes on the way so i dont' think any of those are the cause. It's gotta be the strawberry picking. My thought was pesticides because they aren't organic and she's had strawberries before. I'm going to keep a watch on her and if she gets any worse I'll take her to the ER. Her pedi is 40 minutes away and Hasbro Children's Hospital is only 15. She doesn't seem to be getting worse or better at this point and it's a hour since she started reacting. I'm just nervous because this doesnt' happen often to her. She's more of a behavioral reaction type of kid.
My son had Honey Bunches of Oats for a year and a half before he ever had an allergic reaction to them and that was eating them once a week. Your body develops an allergy to things. Very rarely do you have a reaction the first time. I would not rule out the strawberries just yet! It could be something else, but it could also be the strawberries. Also, my son got hives all over his body. I took him to the ER and they gave him a steroid. He took that steroid there and we gave him another dose in the morning, but he was getting worse and it turned into anaphalytic shock, just as the ambulance showed up the steroids starting working better, but it was scary! My son was 3. He was tested by an allergist with 3 different types of tests for everything in that cereal and he is not allergic to anything, however, when he eats that cereal (we tried again per dr's recommendations) sure enough, hives! That was his favorite cereal! I shared this story because it can get worse and turn more serious without much warning and I would definitely call your ped to see if she needs a steroid and then I'd take her to the allergist and have her tested for strawberries (the food challenge way) If she has no reaction, then you will be pretty sure it's the pesticides and I'd call the farm to find it exactly which ones they were using, etc.
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