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Re: Ethical question about Ameda

Originally Posted by peanut_munchkin View Post
I started pumping with my second when my milk came in. Normally folks tell you not to pump and let yourself regulate, or pump just enough to relieve the pressure. I just pumped and pumped and pumped instead. I ended up producing 30oz more than he needed each day! It was insane, but it was nice because within 2 weeks we had over 100oz stored in the freezer for a 'rainy day', and I had some awesome looking boobs But in all seriousness, it took some of the pressure off of me and lifted my anxieties.

I hate to agree out loud I've never been engorged to where it was painful or I got mastitis or something bad happened. (I've been engorged after a canoeing trip or other trips out. I just hand express in a fast food cup... bring your pump when you are away from baby. duh.)
I hear it all the time to NEVER start pumping until 3 months or some other arbitrary number.
I call horse hockey.
I started pumping at about 3 weeks (when I got my brains together after the birth ) then heard this rec, so I stopped pumping until I went back to work.

Bad idea.
From that point on my supply just started getting lower, and lower. At first I didn't really notice. First, I just wasn't putting as much into the freezer stash, then I was putting nothing, then I started dipping into it then the stash was gone, DS was only about 10m and we had to start using a few ounces of goat milk a day. Not having milk + DH's comments about "we can get formula free from WIC" = mega stress. My DH isn't the most supportive of BFing. He thinks it's great, and cheap, but he's not going to go out of his way. If he had the boobs, the first pebble in the road we would have switched to formula

So long story short. I will be pumping from day one this time.
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