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Re: School lunch questions and fish free pitfalls?

Originally Posted by 2queens&1princenmyhouse View Post
For a while you are just going to have to read labels on everything. After a month or two, you should have a good idea what will or won't be ok.

Protein ideas
cheese and crackers
string cheese
bean burrito or bean dip with chips
soups (chicken noodle with tiny pieces of chicken or even none at all-if you make your own broth, there's still quite a bit of nutrition there, chili, ham and bean or split pea soup)
black bean and corn salsa with chips or veggies to dip
hard boiled egg
egg salad sandwich or with crackers
scrambled eggs in a thermos
fried egg sandwich
hummus and veggies or crackers
AWESOME SUGGESTIONS!!! We are going into Kindergarten next year and these are just the ideas I need too! THanks!

Originally Posted by skolbut View Post
I've been buying vegetarian worcestershire here for years. Most store brands are anchovy-free, lee & perrins for sure has anchovies. Just read the label. IDK if you have Kroger, but their store brand is anchovy free.

Great lunch ideas so far!
My kids love the homemade lunchables.

Hard boiled eggs, or egg salad might be a good addition, as well as pretty much any bean (my kids love plain black beans or garbanzos).
Bean and cheese quesadillas (or if you can sneak in some shredded chicken)
Cream cheese and jelly on bread, roll, english muffin, bagel, tortilla roll-up, etc.
My kids LOVE veggie burger patties
Veggie kabobs and fruit kabobs with fun dips (and you can hide purees in them)
LOVE LOVE LOVE THiS! Keep the ideas rolling! So Helpful!

Originally Posted by lakemom View Post
This may not help you right away, but maybe is an idea to bring up to the principal and/or school board. Our small private school has a seperate table in the cafeteria where the children with severe food allergies sit together. That way they are not exposed to the allergens and the other kids still have the right to eat what they like/want. Our school used to be peanut free and this just works out so much better all around as there were constant complaints about the peanut free situation due to so many kids that won't eat anything else for lunch.
I struggle with this whole process, but don't know if this is the right solution either...the kids with allergies don't want to be isolated or made to stand out, but its quite an imposition on everyone else to have to modify their meals too. I know that's not the subject of this thread, but this just seems like such a difficult problem to solve!
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