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Re: School lunch questions and fish free pitfalls?

Originally Posted by lakemom View Post
This may not help you right away, but maybe is an idea to bring up to the principal and/or school board. Our small private school has a seperate table in the cafeteria where the children with severe food allergies sit together. That way they are not exposed to the allergens and the other kids still have the right to eat what they like/want. Our school used to be peanut free and this just works out so much better all around as there were constant complaints about the peanut free situation due to so many kids that won't eat anything else for lunch.
I don't send a child to school (we homeschool) and I also don't have an allergy child, but I do know several children who are allergic to nuts, dairy, eggs and garlic in our homeschool group.

For the one little guy with peanut allergies his condition isn't limited to 'if he eats a peanut'. If my kids eat a PB sandwich and reach for a doorknob with sticky fingers and the child with the allergy touches that SAME doorknob, his throat can close up.

His mama carries around a little red bag ALL THE TIME with his Epi pen and other medical necessaries.

I feel for my mama friends and so we NEVER bring things to group that could harm our friends.

I get that schools are large and it's a LOT to ask for to change up lunches.
But, is it the BIGGEST deal in the world to have your child eat something other than PB&J? It's one sandwich. And there are SO many other choices out there (that PPs have already offered up!)

I think it's a shame that your school chooses to sit the kids at a different table. So, not only do they have a life threatening problem, but now they are ostracized from their classmates.

"the other kids have a right to eat what they want" about the allergy children have a right to LIVE?
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