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Re: School lunch questions and fish free pitfalls?

Just wanted to add that my kids nut/fish free lunch today was:

Homemade cornbread
Nitrate/Nitrite free Turkey dogs (my kids love 'em cold in their lunch cut into "wheels" with ketchup)
Homemade applesauce
String cheese cut into "wheels" with toothpicks so they could make them into snowmen
Leftover watermelon that MUST GET EATEN!

I know you said your LO won't eat many meats, but what kid doesn't like a dog??? Also, my kids REALLY like when I send all finger foods, like a muffin tin meal or easy lunchbox, so chunks of veggies, fruit, cheese, meat, crackers, olives, etc.
The other thing my ODS is into right now is making his own yogurt parfait -- with yogurt, granola, honey, and fruit if he's in the mood. That would be a filling lunch! (It's his usual breakfast). Just make sure the granola is nut-free or make your own.
Also my kids really like ANYTHING they can scoop up with chips, and they don't mind stuff cold, so leftover white chicken chili, seven layer dip (mmmm.... guacamole!), chicken stew (I send crackers with this), hummus (we make it at home, you might want to check with the school if tahini is allowed, if not, just leave it out), cottage cheese with seasonings.
We also eat bagels with cream cheese for lunch all the time. The ones made by Sam's are made in a nut-free facility and if you get cream cheese with veggies in it, I can justify that it's "healthy", lol.
Oh, and I always forget about pierogies!!!! YUM. (yep, my kids would eat 'em cold if I sauteed them in the morning.)

ETA: Will your DD eat pasta with meat sauce? You could send cold pasta, or chicken and/or cheese tortellini.
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