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Re: Ethical question about Ameda

Originally Posted by hilaryisinked View Post
Would I still have to go to the WIC appointments and stuff? We only have one car and DH works an hour away so it's such a pain.
You would, just to keep the enrollment, but that's 4 appointments a year. One to get certified, and iron checked and whatever else they want to do to you, then one for "coupons pickup" which, if you really don't want the coupons... you probably don't have to go to that one. Then repete in 6 mo. You would just go when you wanted LC support, though you can call them to, but it's sometimes hard to give advice over the phone.

I know it's a massive hassle to travel car-less with kids (we only have one car also) but WIC offices are usually pretty conveniently located on bus lines. Also, we have state HC, and they offer transportation to Dr visits and WIC appointments. I don't know if yours offers anything like that.

The military pay is so different from civi pay, but if you qualify, you qualify. That's my opinion. I know people get their "holier than thou" pants on a little too tight about Gov't assistance. I don't see people getting touchy about who goes to their public schools or who drives on their public roads. KWIM? Just because it's income based people start looking down. If you (general) had a higher income, you could afford a private LC or fancy pump and wouldn't need WIC. If you were lying or selling it, that's unsavory, but if you need it, take it.
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