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Re: Please Pray for Little Kenley!

Originally Posted by Bekki View Post
She's doing better! She's been awake for a few days and has been moved from the ICU to the peds floor. Her family has posted videos of her laughing and playing with her sisters. <3

She will remain in the hospital for about 2 months. She is being fed through a g-tube. I don't think they know yet if there will be any permanent paralysis, but she is moving at least one side of her body.

She really is a lucky little girl after all that happened! Her parents were SO smart to bring her to the ER when they did! Her mom said that she was acting fine and they normally would not have brought her in, but her mommy instinct insisted.

Always listen to your mommy instinct!!!
Absolutely! So good to hear she's smiling and laughing and playing!
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