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Re: NObody gets it! GGRRR

I LOVE your rant, mama. My in-laws don't understand why I'm so upset about having to supplement with formula. They certainly don't understand SNS supplementing. They think I'm crazy for eating dinner with baby in Ergo. And they all say things like "letting the kid sleep in your bed will start something you won't be able to stop." (Really, I don't think my son will want to co-sleep when he's 15...just a hunch.)

And I am SO with you on not finding ANY of it an inconvenience! I love it! There are days I miss having a drink with the girls, but not really. I just have a glass of wine while walking around the yard with my little one gazing up at me from his snuggly carrier.

GL on vacation and ignore the comments! It's YOUR family!
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