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Re: NObody gets it! GGRRR

I hear you--we are really very different from almost all our family and friends, and it's hard not to let the comments get to me sometimes, especially when they come from my mom, for instance.

What I have found really interesting is that my DH has given my DS a couple of bottles of pumped milk, just as an experiment, and he is really ho-hum about it. It wasn't this amazing, beautiful bonding experience for the two of them. I dunno--my DH seems to have a much more bonding experience over bathtime, or diaper and clothing changes when baby is cooing and smiling. My DD never took a bottle at all, so maybe my DH just hasn't been conditioned to think it's so fabulous. But he and my toddler are very well bonded and he never gave her a bottle. I guess I just don't get the fuss over how great it must be to give a baby a bottle.
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