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Re: NObody gets it! GGRRR

Holy cow - I could have written everything you just said. Except the baby wearing part - I am still waiting on my carrier to get here. But when it does, I plan on having DD with me every minute.

My inlaws are the WORST!!! Just this week my MIL insisted on coming over to "give us a break". I DONT WANT A BREAK!!! I like my baby. I like holding her. I like feeding her. I like chaning her. She is MY baby and I ENJOY caring for her. Sorry if raising your kids was so bad but I enjoy being a mother and would LOVE if everyone else would butt out and just let me be!!!

UGH! Sorry - I just had a little rant of my own.

My MIL also tell me to put Desitin on DD just about every time she sees her. Grr...
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