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Originally Posted by carolineb
Okay, this is just a rant/vent. Not really sure where to post this since it covers several areas, but it all seems to go back to BF. Anyway, NONE of my family gets my philosophies on natural childbirth, babywearing, breastfeeding, etc. DH sort of gets it, but he still keeps asking about bottles as he seems to think that's the ONLY way he can bond with DS. We're about to go on vacation with family and I know I'm just going to hear all the "comments" that will just grate on my nerves.

Things like "a bottle won't hurt him", or "you don't need to hold that baby all the time, put him down or he'll get spoiled", or I'd just put him to bed and let him cry, it won't hurt him" Ugh...YES it will! A baby that age (3 months) has a biological need to be near his mother and when he cries, it's because he has a need that must be met. It WILL hurt him if he doesn't get his needs met. And no, a bottle won't hurt HIM (especially if it's pumped milk), but it will hurt my supply, even if I pump. I went down that road with my first 2 and I don't want to do it again. He's had a couple of bottles, but everyone complains that they can't feed him, but it's ME that has to deal with the PITA of pumping. But then they say, why can't you just use formula? And this is no bashing on formula, my first 2 were FF after 4 months...but I just don't WANT to use formula. I've read more and learned more about it changing their gut and everything else and if I can make the best/right stuff for free, then why buy it? I am thankful and blessed that I have not had supply issues so I just see no reason in using formula. I'm a SAHM, so there's really no need to pump.

We also homeschool and that's a whole 'nother topic but I guess to them they think that I am some hippie that has gone off the deep end or something.

I know they all want cuddle time and it's not that I am purposely withholding it from them, but a baby that young needs to be near his mama. And honestly, I want him near me, too. Everyone says it will give me a chance to take a break. They don't get that I don't WANT a break. It's okay! I am fully aware of the commitment and level of attachment involved with EBF and babywearing. I WANT it that way! But then, they always say, "he is the happiest baby! Rarely hear him cry (except when mom isn't around...DUH!!!) Sure, I get tired and maybe someone else holding him for a bit would be great. I do appreciate a longer shower, or to eat w/o him strapped to me, but I don't expect a long date night or anything. I'd be too worried about the baby, but they just don't get it. It's not that I don't trust them to take good care of him, I just don't want him missing his mama.

Thankfully, my SIL who EBF her kids past a year understands and has my back! DH still thinks that EBF until 3 months is important but after that it's all the same...ugh...oh, and daddy doesn't do diaper changes b/c I am doing cloth and didn't really ask him or his opinion. He's not on that train so he would rather not mess with it. I actually have an easy CD system. I just need to show him. He could at least do pee diapers. Even poopy ones he could change and then leave for me to deal with.

Oh well..thanks for letting me vent. I'll give an update on any/all comments I get while we are on vacation! HA!
Cheers! Same going on here! Dh does diaper changes but everything else was right on our path!

I love your "some hippie who's gone off the deep end"

I get - you mean you're not going to wean him, let him CIO, vax, circ and why would you cosleep, babywear, erf, cd..... Because I'm the mom! That's why
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