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Re: Mixed emotions about food

Originally Posted by cupnkey View Post
My only DD is 6.5 months and we just started solid foods this week. I haven't pureed anything, just softened carrots by cooking and I gave her already soft avocado. Everytime she opens her mouth wide to put food in I get this big mixed bag of emotions that runs over me. She's my first baby and we have EBF to this point so this is the beginning of the end of our breastfeeding relationship. We plan on nursing until she self-weans (probably after age 2 right?) but I know that the frequency of our feedings will greatly reduce in just a few short months. But I'm also very proud that my DD has figured out how to eat so quickly. This must have been the right time for her, it's just bittersweet for me.

I guess I wanted to know if any other mamas have felt this way. I know our parenting routine is going to change now. It just seems like so much more work to feed DD, clean up afterwards, and I'm still waiting but I hear her dirty diapers are going to change drastically as well. I'm lucky to have an extremely supportive DH that is realizing my mixed feelings.

Ohhh, not necessarily! My DS picked up on solids very quickly too. Boy oh boy that boy could eat! He can still pack it away now and then (growth spurts I guess). But as far as nursing goes, I would hardly call the intro to solids the beginning of the end for us. My DS is 2.5yo now and still nurses pretty frequently. He actually asks for it a little more often than I'd like. Child-led weaning was what I was all about too, and I still feel pretty strongly about it. But at 22 months my DS was still waking up multiple times a night to nurse. I wasn't getting the sleep I needed and so I made the difficult decision to night wean. It went very smoothly and easily and I feared that it would lead to my DS weaning all together shortly after. But nope! He still loves mama milk as much as ever. I've even spent days away from him and it has had no effect on our nursing relationship. So I guess what I'm saying is, all LOs are different and if allowed to self-wean, some will do so sooner, and others later. But not food, nor night weaning, nor time away will necessarily have anything to do with when your LO decides her time at the breast has come to an end. So try not to think about it right now. Enjoy the now. Weaning may not come for quite some time yet
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