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Re: Could this be implantation bleeding? Nervous!

I hope it is IB for you mama!

This is how mine went. . .at 8dpo started a little brown when I wiped. But I had been having short LPs and pre-AF (AF=period) spotting so I just thought it was that. Next day at 9dpo had about a tsp of red blood and thought AF was about to start. Next day at 10dpo still a little pink or brown when I wiped, but no real bleeding had started so I tested and got a positive pg test! I continued to have red-brown-pink spotting (rarely reaching the panties, mostly when wiping) over the next week and a half or so. . .however I am now 10wks along and everything looks okay. It seems it was just IB that worked it's way out slowly.

So basically I had the most spotting about 4-5 days before an expected period (had I been having classic cycles).

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