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Re: What detergent do you use on cloth diapers and why?

Originally Posted by cw262dh View Post
So, question on Charlie's. I read that it doesn't actually disinfect. Do you have to bleach every so often (or do you want to since it doesn't disinfect?) or does it just work fine anyways. Also, what type of dipes do you use it on, since maybe it makes a difference! Thanks!
i dont use bleach. my wash routine is:
turn hot water heat up ALL the way.
COLD cycle to rinse out pee and poop add nothing
HOT cycle(i actually cant put my hand in the water at all, not even my fingertips for half a second its THAT hot!) with 1tbsp Charlies, maybe 1.5 if they are really gungy.
HOT cycle with nothing added, to finish rinsing and keep killing germies.
then Line dry in the sun or dry in the dryer on HOT.
this has been my wash routine for all diapers, mainly PFs, but also some pockets. Addy has been out of diapers for months now, and the ne wbaby isnt here yet, so the only diaper laundry i am doing these days is stripping FSOT diapers (in which i DO use bleach) or prepping new diapers.

we never ever ever had any build up problems, stinkies, or rashes while using Charlies (we still use it on ALL of our laundry too) but had LOTS of problems with every other detergent we had tried. and we tried ALOT.
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