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The Membrane Scrape

Okay.. today I am 39 weeks and 2 days along--so I had another doctor's appointment. We did a cervix check (still chillin' at 2 CM... BUT I'm now 75% thinned out) and then I asked my doctor about a membrane scrape because I haven't had a single contraction at all. Well. He did it all right. He scrapped away.

Now, the doctor warned me that I might have some spotting--which I've had a little bit of (more like a rust-yellow color when I wipe.. sorry.. TMI!) but more importantly... I think I started having contractions??

Okay.. this is what it feels like: Most of the time there's a low, dull pain around my lower back... sometimes the sensation like I need to go #2. Then, every now and again I'll have what feels like a menstral cramp--I don't think it's "regular"...and it's not terribly painful or anything... but when you're on "contraction watch" if there's ANY weird feelings you sit up and take notice!

I WAS thinking that this could have been from the exam itself. Last week when I had an exam it was a bit painful... but the pain went away after only about an hour and there certainly was no cramping. It's now been over 6 hours since my exam today... and the "pain" (it really isn't horrible) has been steady, even with lying down for a while... but I can sleep through it.

Sooooooo... what do you all think?? Everyone always says "You'll know a contraction when you have one"... but I like some reassurance. I'm trying not to get my hopes up tooooo high in case it still might be pain from the exam.. but it's been a good, long while now.

Oh yes.. and in birthing class they said that we needed to time our contractions... but when do you start timing and when do you finish to say count 1 contraction? Right now these feelings (if they are indeed contractions) are so subdle that I don't think I COULD time them... like I said, one pain is constant and low, one is more sharp and "crampy".

Let me know!
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