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Need a natural night solution please help!

So we've been using Best Bottoms AI2 system at night (hemp cotton snapped onto MF night insert). My DS is 5 months old now and we really need a better, more breathable, less rigid night solution. We have to change him once during the night (he screams because he has to wake up fully & doesn't get to eat right away, I'm guessing), and we have had leaks (Best Bottoms are great for a PUL AI2, it's probably because we are using size large insert with Medium setting). After reading all the great posts on DS, I'm falling in love with the idea of wool over an all natural fitted! There are just so many options, so please help me choose. I'd like a comfy all night solution - your favorite wool cover paired with organic cotton, hemp, and/or bamboo fited (and good doublers if needed). I think he's a heavy wetter. Thoughts so far are Disana pull on and for fitted - SBish, Growing Greens, kiwi pie bamboo, tots bots stretch bamboozle, and maybe ME's. Thanks so much!
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