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Question WWYD?

OK, so I listed something in FSOT a couple weeks ago and right away a mama PM'd me and said she wanted it. I sent her my PP addy and she said she would send funds right away. Well, funds never came and I didn't hear from her, so I figured she had changed her mind. I bumped it a couple of days ago and got another offer, but this mama needed me to hold it until early next week for payday. Totally understand that-I have asked for holds myself on occasion.

Well, now mama #1 comes back and says she is sorry that she didn't send PP and is doing it now. I haven't seen the PP yet and PM'd her back that someone else came along and is interested, but what if she doesn't read her PM before she sends PP??

Who gets first choice now? mama #1 or mama#2? FSOT makes me batty sometimes!
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