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Re: Do your friends and family respect what you do?

I completely understand.
I am still working part time as a critical care respiratory therapist, and am getting ready to open my hyena cart store in a couple of weeks. I am SO excited and passionate about this adventure and hope that it can afford us to do with out my hospital income so I can stay home full time with my babies!
I also lost all career drive when I became a mom, and people just don't get it. It took me a while to be able to say "I want to quit my wonderful job to stay home and sew" :lol: but now I get excited!
My husband is supportive, he loves my hospital income, but also understands why Mommy wants to be home. He has helped so much along the way and probably knows more about cloth diapering than any man should
My MIL is supportive, my FIL is skeptical, my Dad is worried we'll go broke, and my mom flat ignores the issue. It is SO frustrating! She completely tunes me out whenever I bring up anything concerning the business. We're really close too, so it upsets me.
It my be the college thing. I know how proud they were when I graduated with my degrees, and I think they must think I'm just "throwing it all away". Uhggg....I understand how you feel, and feel free to PM my anytime to vent
I hope you do great! Remember, you are a good Mom for wanting to be home with your kids....that's NORMAL! And I know I am willing to do whatever to make that happen for myself
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