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Re: Need a natural night solution please help!

I love my ME Sandy's organic cotton fitteds (for some reason the organic cotton hold a lot more than the regular cotton for me). They are well-constructed and durable, work great, holds a lot, reasonably priced. You can add their stay dry doubler for even more absorbency (and I truly love their stay dry better than any other stay dry out there--it's much better than fleece and suedecloth).

For the wool cover I prefer interlock wool b/c it's easier to care for, I just machine wash and I've now even figured out how to machine-lanolize. Disana is supposed to be machine washable so you might be fine there. I know all the US retailers say Disana runs large but in my experience there is some shrinkage if you handle it semi-roughly like I did... and in that case they shrink down to the size on the label.

If you do get the Sandy's (or any ME product) you need a wool cover that has more coverage because ME diapers are full-cut. Disana is obviously fine but some wool wraps may not cover a ME.
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