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Allergic to baby food? help!

My almost 8-month old has been having some issues on and off with baby food. He started solids at about 6 months old. He has never really LOVED the stuff. I buy only organic fruits and veggies in jars. From the moment we began them, he broke out in a dry scaly rash all over his belly. He's had some strange blisters in the diaper/leg area that he had to take antibiotics for because some became infected. After he eats certain new foods, he gets a few hives on either his back or mouth/cheek area. I thought brown rice cereal was working for him, but today I gave him just a little bit and he cried a lot and got bright red hives on his cheek and the corner of his mouth. The same thing happened with green beans and blueberries. What is going on here? I feel afraid to even give him solids now! Should I talk to his doctor about this? She swears the eczema is not related to starting solids, but that's when it first appeared.
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