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Re: wwyd...after newborn stage?

I recommend waiting to purchase your next diapers until your babies are here and you can actually try things on them to see what fits (just like swimsuit or jeans shopping for women, cloth diapering is NOT a one size fits all situation! Some diapers just don't fit certain babies properly, no matter what you do). Then do a cloth diaper trial program so you can see what works on them and what you like best - a lot of people are surprised by how much they like or dislike certain diapering systems, so it's cheapest to give them all a shot, return the ones you don't want to keep, and THEN go about building a stash that you know will work for you My baby is 4 months now and our stash is mostly prefolds and covers (both sized and the Thirsties Duo wraps) with some Fuzzibunz thrown in for when we're at home and it's hot. But the FB only recently started fitting him (at 4.5 months old) so my original plans to use those from birth went totally awry
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