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Re: Screaming/Screeching 6 mo: Is this normal?

Originally Posted by zebaby View Post
It's hard to ignore it! I did give DS a stern look when he did it while I was on the phone which threw him for a loop (giggled at first, then got serious when he realized I wasn't smiling back ).

Is this behavior something I should try to discourage when we're out or should I just avoid going places where it would be inappropriate?
Our little girl is 5 months old today and worked this out a good month ago. She honestly had one day where she screeched off and one for a couple of hours. My husband put his earplugs in to play with her. I figured she'd just loose her voice, but no such luck!

I'm not sure there is any way to control or discourage it at this age. If I don't pay attention to it, she repeats it to get attention. If I do pay attention, she laughs and does it again.

I think it is fun for her. My husband says she likes to hear herself I think they are really impressed with what they can do. She has plenty of other vocalizations that are not nearly so hard to take, but she still likes to scream. Our little one also does the crying out in her sleep....

for your ears and nerves!
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