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Diary/wheat/sugar free 4 yo

Long story short, my SIL has to take my nephew off of a bunch of stuff to 'heal' his system. This is going to be totally limiting for the next 6 weeks and then hopefully only partially for the next few months... and we'll see from there.

He has to be off all dairy, all wheat and all refined sugar. The only sugars he can have have to be below 80 on the glycemic index (I don't fully know what this means, honestly).

Of course, this is at the beginning of the summer when they're all starting to have freezies and ice cream and other summer treats...

Anyone know any good websites for recipes for meals and treats for a 4 year old?

Pseudo-crunchy mama who is just tryin' to do the right thing for DS (Dec/09) and DD (April/11)

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