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Re: Screaming/Screeching 6 mo: Is this normal?

LOL! Yeah it's normal. Just know that it gets easier with time....even though it will get on your nerves sometimes.

My son found his voice around that age too, and I swear he is still just as loud as ever at 10 months. When my DD started doing that around that age my mom told me that it starts as a baby and doesn't stop until adulthood. LOL! I have noticed that it just keep going into toddlerhood at least. Between my 2 1/2 year old and my 10 month old I swear I need earplugs. After awhile you learn to just tune it out though. My DH will sometimes ask me how I can just keep cleaning, singing, typing, talking on the phone, and etc. while the kids are both yelling and squealing, and I will just tell him that it's part of being mom. LOL! Oh and a tip...when both my kids are doing it I will come up and start doing it with them and pretty soon they both start laughing and run off and play. LOL! It's like if I do it too then it was a game which means after awhile they get bored.
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