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Re: Allergic to baby food? help!

I would hold off a little bit, and try making your own as well... keep it really simple and plain. Just steam and make a whole batch then freeze cubes and store them in a ziplock, it's really easy! You can also make your own rice cereal this way.

My baby had a similar thing, as soon as she started solids she developed eczema and got hives as a reaction to random things. It's actually fairly common because their body and gut just goes crazy and generates a big immune reaction because of all the changes, it doesn't necessarily mean they will be allergic to all foods! I would definitely stop and wait for it to heal and improve before starting again. My DD also got the diaper rash and when her eczema got really bad i would resort to a small amount of hydrocortisone cream (OTC) for a couple of days, just to decrease the inflammation. It was painful and it irritated her and her ped ok'd it, even on the diaper area it is relatively safe as long as you don't use it for extended periods of time. I am a 'natural' person and prefer not to use medications but in our case it was just warranted, she was uncomfortable and upset all the time, hated being changed and it was just awful! Hang in there, it does improve! By 14 months she was eating everything and with no issues. She has fairly sensitive skin and when its dry she still gets a bit of eczema and now and then she gets a diaper rash from poos if she has eaten certain fruits etc. But nothing that doesn't go away quickly.
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