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Re: Allergic to baby food? help!

Babies just starting solids are the easiest to do elimination diets with, which is basically what you need to do. Try one food at a time unless you see a reaction, at which point you would just stop. Give each new food that doesn't cause a reaction about a week or so. If you do find a food that causes a reaction wait at least a week, possibly two, before trying something new. That way the reactive food is totally out of the system and so is the reaction it caused. Let the reaction totally go away and totally heal (no rash, redness, irritation at all) between foods if one develops. While you wait go back to something 'safe' if you've found something or just back to bf/ff only if you haven't found a good solid food to work with.

Skipping the prepared jar foods is an great idea as well. The machinery it is processed on can have lingering allergens. If you buy an apple and prepare it yourself though, you know exactly what touched what. Also you might consider trying the non-traditional foods like avocado (try finding that in a jar, lol!) or cauliflower or whatever.
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