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We made it through the night!!

OK so don't spank me but I have been using sposies at night. I really hate sposies, they just literally stink to me. I don't know why I don't CD at night - I guess I have been afraid?

So last night I bucked up and put my daughter in her Softbums Omni retro cars diapers with a MF insert & doubler and lo and behold the crib and her sleeper was dry this am AND she slept in! She was 12 hrs in the same dipe!! I used some gold bond baby powder and so far no redness, I love this stuff. If I could just find a good detergent/wash routine I swear I'd be in CD Nirvana now. I am off to try original tide next, although DH is gonna kill me if he sees another detergent in our house.

Now what on earth was I so afraid of?

I am really happy I chose softbums BTW, DD is now just about 6 months and over 19lbs and has the chunkiest thighs...I see this dipe fitting her for a long time though!

Oh and...
Last night we started solids too. LO was offered avocado (it wasn't a very tasty one though), broccoli, carrot and apple (also steamed). She loved it all, but the avocado. We just had our first BLS BM too - I am amazed at how much she actually did eat.

Here's a photo of my LO tuckin' into a carrot:
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