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Re: Allergic to baby food? help!

Many of the jars have preservatives and that could be the reaction or the foods. We can't do apples & pears as it gives my son a rash around his mouth. Its harmless according to the ped. and its genetic as it runs in his family.

I'd stay away from some of the fruits and veggies that do it right now.

Making your own is not hard but it takes practice. The easiest way with veggies is to do a few at a time and take a few hours and knock it out. Get ice cube trays and freeze, then take out and store and make enough for a month (or it gets nasty if you do more). The tuff part is getting the consistency with the food/water as your pureeing at home is not as smooth as the jar and some babies need that super smooth for a while. I tried, gave up and then tried again and it was a breeze. We used the First Years gadget which was helpful. Or, just steam a bit extra of what you are eating that night (like corn, squash, etc) and then do it from that. It helps when you over cook the food some before processing so its nice and soft.
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