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Re: Diary/wheat/sugar free 4 yo

Agave is supposedly low GI. Ive been reducing our sugar use for awhile, but I'm not always good at it. When I'm on a low/no sugar kick, we use a lot of dates, bananas, and stevia- sweetleaf liquid and a blend (can't think of the name sorry...) that has powdered stevia extract and erythritol. Calorie free and sweet. You use half the amount of sugar called for, so if your recipe calls for 1c, you'd use half a cup of the blend. Erythritol is made from corn and doesn't cause as much ahem. Tummy trouble as most other sugar alcohols do. So that might help.

There are a lot of dairy alternatives that are available in an unsweetened version now, too. But maybe investing in a good blender and making her own might help. It would also be useful for making other foods (hummus, smoothies,, etc) and sauces.

Elanas pantry is pretty popular for GF recipes and of course a google search turns up a ton like glutenfree girl, glutenfree mommy, and a host of others.

Good luck to your SIL. She is so awesome for wanting to do this for her kiddo- even when it's difficult. My niece has some gastro-intestinal issues and they told my sis that eliminating dairy would help her a lot. My sis refused because "it's too hard, and I don't want her to miss out on pizza parties or ice-cream and cake at birthdays. I don't want her to be the weird one and not be able to just be normal." And the poor girl misses out on a lot due to illness anyway.
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