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Mammogram while BFing?

Today I went for my PP check-up and requested a mammogram for screening. I have been noticing a lump on and off for the past 3-4 weeks but while I was at my appointment, the MW couldn't find it and neither could I. It was frustrating. I asked if there was any additional screening besides doing a breast exam but she asked the doctor and he said a mammogram while nursing is useless because it's really difficult to read and get accurate results from. They did not seem overly anxious to do anything since I am under 40.

Next time I notice the lump I am going to try to go back in and then she said she could recommend some further testing (like an u/s) but she can't offer anything if she can't feel what I'm talking about. I feel crazy... Maybe there is really nothing there or I'm just feeling a lumpy milk duct. I have a history of breast cancer in my family (mom diagnosed at age 32) and it just worries me to no end. I just want some reassurance and of course if there is something to be concerned about I want to know.

Does anyone have experience with breast cancer screening (other than a routine exam by a clinician) while BFing?? Do I have any other options? Is there something more they could be offering me? Thanks.
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