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I do. I use pepper plate on my iPad. I am also using out of milk on my delis to keep my pantry items in check.

I do all meals except for breakfast as I keep most everything on hand for breakfast. Plus some weeks all ds wants is corn bran for breakfast.

I try every week to have 2 seafood/fish 2 veggie, a pasta and then I fill in the 2 days with whatever or left overs. I make sure to use all my fresh stuff up, I hate waste, shown below is 3 different ways to use asparagus without feeling repetitive. (it was on sale 2 bunches for $4)

I keep my freezer and pantry ober organized. We also plan simple meals. Here is is weeks for an example (lunch and dinner )

L- little sammies, chips, apples (left over lunch meat, cheese on Hawaiian rolls warmed in the oven)
D-creole shrimp and rice

Monday -
L- chicken bites, apples, banana, yogurt
D- chicken and cheese quesadilla, broccoli (no chicken for ds)

L- waffles, apples, grapes, jello
D- ds had oatmeal at his request, dh worked late and I had leftover cheese quesadillas, no chicken

L- peanut butter, strawberries, Hawaiian rolls, yogurt, string cheese
D -cocoa and chili pork chops, roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes

L - salmon, yogurt, carrots, grapes
D- pasta with asparagus and cheese

L - ds had party at school do dh and I will take any leftovers
D - talapia, broccoli and carrots, rice.

L - left overs of any of the weeks meals
D - asparagus tart if we have any left, if not then breakfast

I budget $50 a week. I stay under most weeks since I know what I need since I am organized. I have to be I work 40 hours a week with an hour commute each way. Dh works even more.

I use everything I buy, buy things in bulk like spices since I can get a little If it is an odd ingredient or a ton if it is come thing we eat a lot like oatmeal and rice. If I use half an onion I dice it up and freeze it, makes easy prep for another meal, same with fruit, but I use those for smoothies. If I have a ton like strawberries or a million half eaten apples I make muffins and freeze them. I also sometimes double and freeze meals.
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