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The boot is visible to me in the first picture. I would give the same advice about pulling away from the bight and pushing on the seat. Do you have a friend that could visit, or a nice neighbor who wouldn't mind buckling while you climb in or otherwise manipulate the seat down more?
If that doesn't work, you may have a car that the Radian just does not work in.

Originally Posted by MichelleSG
I hear ya, I just wouldn't recommend that route since you're having so much trouble. I also don't know if they recommend how you've ended up using the tether connector and that incline, are those both recommended by Radian? If the answer is either no or I don't know then maybe taking 3 kids out is not such a bad idea. It's a very nice car seat, it'd be sad if improper installation rendered it unsafe.
Sunshine kids allows and encourages tethering RFing. That's what the connector is for. And there are techs out there who do not have experience with Radians.
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