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Re: Meal plans?

I have a meal suggestion. I quit assigning specific meals to a certian day because it never happens. Instead I shop whatevers on sale come home and put together ideas for myself for the week. I prefer to keep a variety of sauces and dressings and spices on hand to keep things interesting.

my loose plan is

terriyaki chicken breast(precooked) rice and frozen veggie stirfry mix. Will also use one for a chinese chicken salad for DH's lunch I have ginger dressing, add cucumer and tomato maybe some crushed wasabi doritos.

24 burgers and buns, went to costco enough for 3 everybody meals. Add chips, dip, carrot sticks or any fruit. For lunch I'll use the handful of frozen fries that are left.

Taco salad if theres enough salad. Add can black beans, shredded cheese, sourcream salas dressing, toasted tortilla strips or crushed tortilla chips. Will add meat if we have it. If not enough for dinner DH's lunch.

torellini with pesto, add veggies on hand. this week asparagus, tomato and zuchinni.

tritip, mac cheese, veggie

2 pork roasts, shredded pork for sandwiches and maybe tacos. Will make chile verde over rice as well with the green salsa i have. Both done in crock pot. Another option is cube it and make sweet n sour pork.

4 meals chicken breast, alfredo pasta primavera, cajun pasta, grill plus extra to make bbq chicken pizza.

black bean and lentil chili with corn bread.

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