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Re: Penguin Sports Wash

Had another thought... In a laundry hobbyist forum I go to sometimes, I've seen people boiling things on the stove top for several hours with some detergent (they were using Persil, so I suppose here in the US we would use Tide). They said it came white like nothing else. Couldn't hurt?

Also, I had some really stubborn stains on my baby wash cloths, from shower gel. The stain built slowly over a year or two. When I got my new washer for some reason I decided I needed to get those stains out. I tried everything. The stain faded a bit but was still there. Someone told me early on that it took time to get there and it was going to take time to get it out. That turned out to be so true. I got a good wash routine down and gradually the stain did come out almost entirely, but it was over many washes. I wonder if your prefolds would improve over time as well.
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