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Re: Really Stubborn Repelling?

That's the downfall with synthetics but it's only because the fibers (at a microscopic level) gets coated with build ups over time. Go to any local sporting goods store and see if they have "Sport-Wash". It's a detergent for synthetic fabrics that basically strip the build ups to restore to its original state. Brands like Atsko and Penguin makes them also which can be bought online. It's 100% biodegradable and allergic free so no worries about handling it.

You may also have to wash them few times if the build ups are bad. I'd keep all the synthetics separate, wash them few times but also run the washer with the Sport-Wash with nothing else in it to get rid of everything that came out from the fabrics.

Don't use too hot of a water on synthetics as it can quickly degrade the poly that it's made of. Especially with something like PUL. That damage may not be quick but anything they say around 140F/60C can cause a lot of of damage and degrade the material itself.
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