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Re: Meal plans?

I do weekly meal plans - and really don't assign meals for exact days... That just NEVER works for me...

I usually have 1 day as leftover day.. But - gonna change that up now... My mom is back living with us - and now we have a 'stricter' diet... UGH... My mom is renal, cardiac, diabetic diet.. And then add in my DD is dairy intolerant!! Yep - makes it soo much fun planning meals now...

We used to do this:
2 days of chicken
2 days of red meat
2 days of pasta, soup or salad
1 leftover day or breakfast (if no leftovers)

I'll probably keep that - but change it a little.. Hard to find a pasta or soup that my mom can have and that is dairy-free... And my mom can't eat salad..
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