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Re: Meal plans?

Great ideas

Yeah, planning out exact meals for each day just wouldn't work for us. I know we just won't feel like certain things some days - esp. when we visit my MIL and end up having leftovers from her place, then we won't feel like chicken for a few days b/c she made chicken, or whatever. So I was thinking of doing the weekly thing and then having a variety of meals for the week, then having a menu that we could check quickly each day.

I think this will definitely help with groceries too and we'll get mostly just what we actually need rather than whatever comes into our head when we need to get groceries, and avoid extra trips to the store. We used to do lists but stopped awhile ago - but just started doing lists again.

I think maybe we'll have one or two free meals per week where it doesn't have to be anything on the menu for the week b/c sometimes we do feel like cooking on a whim or just feel like something in particular and we do really enjoy trying new recipes, or when we're visiting my MIL, she really likes to eat out sometimes.
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